About Us

From California With Love

Living in Los Angeles, we are used to the fast city life and always being on the go. We have tried every "sleek" wallet there is on the market, but never loved their functionality or longevity. So we set out to create a card holder that truly lives up to the word "sleek" and makes carrying your cards easier and pretty bad a** when you take them out, while maintaining a very minimalist appearance. 

The meaning behind klaw is quite simple. Think of an animal ready to defend or fight it pops out its' claws confidently and swiftly. We thought the same about our wallet being tough as an animal, and your cards swiftly popping out mimicking claws ready to take on whatever the day throws at you. 

We saw the market for a good wallet and always thought how over priced they are and never living up to the markup. Creating a competitive price for a high quality wallet was a huge emphasis for us. Our goal is to make our klaw products accessible to the masses and creating a product people love to carry and share.